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Jimmy, DeAnna and Taylor KitchensThe most important aspect of Clear Vision Ministries involves relationships. Whether helping out with a short term project or ministering on a long term basis, each individual the Kitchens’ come in contact with find love and acceptance. Meeting people and establishing thousands of friendships over the years has been one of the highlights of working with God’s people for Jimmy and DeAnna.

Ministering to others has been a big part of Jimmy and DeAnna’s lives from the time they were children. For DeAnna, some of her earliest experiences in church involved singing with her family. As soon as she could hold a microphone, she spent time on the platform singing to the joy of God and those in the congregation.

While a sophomore in high school, Jimmy felt the call of God to pursue ministry as a youth pastor and preached his first sermon in a youth service shortly thereafter. The next year, Jimmy started teaching Sunday School at his parent’s church and playing guitar during worship. During his junior and senior year of high school, he served in leadership for his school's on-campus Bible club.

In October 1988, Jimmy Kitchens and DeAnna Anderson met at a small church in Texas, pastored by DeAnna’s father. They discovered they were attending Southwestern Assemblies of God University together and quickly became friends. Jimmy co-taught the college age Sunday School class during his freshman year at the church DeAnna’s father pastored. The next school year brought the opportunity to become a youth pastor in a small town near the college. DeAnna worked with Jimmy to provide worship for the youth group and has provided incredible worship experiences ever since. In this same year, 1989, Jimmy officially became a minister in the Assemblies of God. On June 2, 1990, Jimmy and DeAnna partnered together for the rest of their lives in marriage. In 1995, they were blessed with the birth of their son, Taylor.

Jimmy and DeAnna’s ministry not only includes youth ministry and worship, they also spent 8 years pastoring a church. During this time, they poured their lives into the church - helping people develop their relationship with God and the people they relate with on a daily basis. Both Jimmy and DeAnna have a tremendous passion for helping people become the best they can be in all aspects of life.

With a wealth of experiences to draw from, increased education and time spent continuing education in a personal way, the Kitchens accept new challenges to reach and help people around the world. They have worked with children, teenagers, senior adults and all ages in between in a personal way. The Kitchens enjoy encouraging missionaries and ministers to keep up the good work. They are easy to work with and work hard to make projects successful.

More about Jimmy Kitchens

First and foremost, Jimmy is a lover of God, his wife and his son, Taylor. He is an ordained Assemblies of God minister with over 25 years of ministry experience. He has served as a youth pastor and senior pastor. He has served as a regional representative for youth ministry and Christian Education for 5 years. Jimmy graduated with honors from Southwestern Assemblies of God University, where he was listed on the Dean’s list and Who’s Who of College Students. He has been involved in youth camps and youth conventions for 19 years. Jimmy has worked on staff in churches ranging in size from 100 members to over 2,000 members. Jimmy has published well over 1000 articles on the Internet, covering a wide variety of topics.

When time allows, he loves to play golf with friends, play guitar and play video games with Taylor. Working hard is important and so is playing hard when the opportunity arises.

More about DeAnna Kitchens

DeAnna has a passion for worship. She began singing with her family at a very early age and is used of God to lead people into His presence through song. She personally sets the example of worship and quickly follows the leading of the Holy Spirit to allow Him the direction of worship.

She has many years of experience teaching and training adults and teenagers. She loves people and has a unique ability to actively listen to people as they share their lives. DeAnna earned a Master’s Degree in Human Resources and PHR (Professional in Human Resources) certification. She has 18 years experience in management, corporate training, and human resource consulting. She helps individuals and businesses reach their maximum potential by identifying needs and delivering solutions that best fit individual needs. She published her first book, Hearing God's Heart Beat (available in paperback and Kindle edition), and is working on her second.

In her free time, DeAnna may be working on a Sudoku puzzle or playing a video game with the family. She is an avid reader and always has a book she is reading.

Our board consists of men who love God and love helping people. We put together people with various backgrounds and professions to help us gain insights into this ministry from many different viewpoints. Our board is made up of a pastor, a leadership trainer/HR professional, a construction company owner, a realtor and a banker. The combined experiences of the board include: business sales, planning and strategizing for the future, leading churches and organizations of varying sizes, youth ministry, adult ministry, understanding financial matters, education, working with people, leading missions efforts, helping people discover their abilities and how to use them and much, much more.

The Clear Vision Ministries board reviews all financial information of the ministry to make sure we are properly following our stated purposes and meeting all obligations with our funds. The board members provide counsel, insight and accountability for all we do. They also support the ministry through prayer and contributions.

If you would like to learn more about our board or contact information, please email us with your request.