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Catch up on some of the latest happenings with Clear Vision Ministries. Simply, click the title of an article below to view the entire article. Get highlights of our past projects under the Projects section of the website.

CVM School of Ministry and Leadership

Students in a class in Kenya.Imagine going to your local college or university and sitting in on a Neurological Development class with the upper level students. How much of the class would you comprehend? How much of the material could you relate to other people? Most of us would be totally lost in a Neurological Development class.

Many Christian organizations offer excellent spiritual education above a high school level. Unfortunately, not everyone leading a church posseses the abilities to learn above a high school level and sometimes even a middle school level. The leaders need training at a grade level they understand and can apply to their lives and situations. After reviewing material from a number of sources, Clear Vision Ministries decided to create an 18-month school of ministry covering important aspects of ministry and leadership at an appropriate grade level for a wider range of students. Courses include subjects such as Introduction to Theology, Old Testament Survey, New Testament Survey, all three levels of CVM's leadership training and much more.

The initial school will begin in Malawi, Africa. All of the materials will be translated into Chichewa. Local teachers will be trained to lead the interactive courses to maximize student learning. Once the initial school begins, new opportunities for the school will be sought.

When not traveling on CVM projects, the leaders of CVM work on creating the courses. Hopefully, the first classes will begin in 2017.


Reaching Hundreds of Villages

Clear Vision Ministries' training has the opportunity to reach hundreds of villages over the next year and thousands of villages within the next 5 to 10 years. These villages are located in "sensitive areas" for Christians; we can share limited and general information for the safety of those involved. At this time, CVM training materials for pastors, teachers and church leaders are in the process of translation into a total of 8 languages. The materials teach people how to study the Bible effectively, how to share what they learn from the Bible, basic leadership skills and more. For the vast majority of people learning, these training materials are the first opportunity to learn these important skills. These leaders will take the training and materials to their villages to share God's love with the people around them. At a recent training event, one person said "As we were learning, I noticed 2 1/2 hours had passed and I did not know where the time went. It seemed like less than 30 minutes." "We have never had training like this. We need more of it for the people."

Thank you for your partnership in reaching thousands of people around the world. Please pray for God's continued blessing and guidance in the distribution and teaching of the materials. Also, pray for the development of additional training series. Take advantage of the opportunity to help thousands of people learn important Christian skills by donating to CVM now.


No-Cost Donations to Clear Vision Ministries

You can help Clear Vision Ministries through two new ways to give by doing things you normally do: searching the Internet and shopping. Two online companies, and, will donate a portion of funds received from Internet searches and purchases made at over 700 stores. You probably already shop at the stores.

How to Use Goodsearch GoodSearch: You Search...We Give!

Go to (click here) and use their search engine for all your search needs. In the box under "Who Do You Goodsearch for," type in "Clear Vision Ministries" and click the "verify" button. You should notice "Clear Vision Ministries (Wichita, KS)" appear in the box. Search the Internet as normal and around 1 penny will be donated to CVM for each search you make. If 1,000 people perform an average of 100 searches a month, CVM will receive $1,000 per month. Your searching adds up!! Goodsearch uses the Yahoo! search engine to provide you with quality search results. We suggest you make Goodsearch your homepage and turn cookies on to make sure CVM is always shown in the appropriate box.

You can use Goodshop to donate a small portion of purchases to Clear Vision Ministries. For example, you buy a $20.00 remote control from Best Buy and CVM receives a donation of 10 cents. While this doesn't seem like much, if a lot of people participate, it adds up to a great donation. You can shop online from major stores like, Bloomingdales, the Apple Store, Barnes and Noble,, iTunes, Target, Wal-Mart and many more stores. Simply go to the Goodsearch page, make sure CVM is in the box and then, click the GoodShop logo. You even get extra deals and coupons for your purchases at GoodShop.

How to Use iGive

iSearchiGive.comGo to (click here) and register to create your own account. Choose "Clear Vision Ministries Inc." as the organization you want to support. You can choose an option to receive tax deductions for your donations. If you own a PC, you can install a small program to work with your computer so any purchase from one of over 750 participating iGive stores will automatically be tracked and donations made. You also get special coupon codes, shipping offers and sale alerts to help you save money as you give. Here is a small sampling of particpating stores:
Apple iTunes
Banana Republic
Bass Pro Shops
Best Buy
Circuit City
Clinique Online
Cheap Tickets
Disney Movie Club

Edwinn Watts
The Golf Warehouse
KB Toys
Linens 'n Things
Liz Claiborne
Limited Too
Musician's Friend
Office Depot
Old Nave
Radio Shack
Saks 5th Avenue
Startbuck's Store
TaxCut from H&R Block
The North Face
Turbo Tax

You can search using iSearchiGive to provide funds through Internet searching. Type "Clear Vision Ministries" into the box and then, select "Clear Vision Ministries Inc." You can now search with the Yahoo! search engine and make a donation to CVM at the same time.

Woman Receives New Heart Valve

Doctor in HondurasIn September of 2007, a 21 year old woman went to see the "gringo doctor" at the hospital in Tocoa. Cardiologist, Dr. Layne Reusser, was working at the hospital for a couple of days while the rest of the CVM team worked at Casa Grande. After listening to the woman's heart, he knew there was a serious problem with one of her heart valves. Without surgery, the woman would live another three to five years at most. Dr. Reusser decided to find a way to get the heart valve replaced in the United States.

In April, the plans had been made for the woman from Honduras to come to Wichita, Kansas, for surgery. Dr. Reusser spoke with the hospital, nurses, surgeons, anesthesiologists and other hospital staff about helping with the surgery. Everyone involved donated their time and expertise to save the woman's life. The hospital donated the use of the surgery room and the other rooms used after the operation.

The doctors decided to use a pig valve instead of an artificial heart valve. Since the patient was only 21, she may want to have children in the future which is out of the question with an artificial heart valve. Also, the artificial valve requires taking blood thinning medication everyday for the rest of your life.

After several hours of surgery, the heart valve of the woman was replaced successfully. Recovery time went extremely fast. After a couple of weeks, the patient boarded the plane to start the trip back to Tocoa, Honduras. When Barry Compton met the our friend in Orlando, he couldn't believe how much better she looked. She had normal skin tone and more energy than ever before.


Interview with a Purple Gorilla

The following interview took place after the Purple Gorilla was spotted in a couple of Romanian villages:

CVM: We've never seen a purple gorilla before. How did you turn purple?

Purple Gorilla: Grrrrr, rrrrorrrrrr, ggggrrrrr

CVM: I'm sorry, I didn't quite understand that. Let's try another question. How long have you been purple?

PG: aaaarrrrrrr, aaaggggrrrrooorrrr

CVM: OK, maybe this interview will go better if you take the gorilla suit off, Taylor.

CVM: How did you like being the Gorilla?

PG/TK: It was fun, except very hot.

CVM: How did you feel when the kids cheered for you and kept chanting?

PG/TK: It was cool how the kids were excited about a gorilla with purple fur or is it hair...

CVM: How many kids do you think followed you through the streets?

PG/TK: A ton. I was too busy looking forward to look back.

CVM: There were 50 kids following you at some point. How does that make you feel?

PG/TK: WOW!! I had no idea.

CVM: How long does it take to become the Purple Gorilla?

PG/TK: It takes about 12 minutes.

CVM: Why does it take so long?

PG/TK: There is a lot of stuff to put on and make sure its fastened properly.

CVM: Do you think you will be the Purple Gorilla in the future?

PG/TK: Possibly.

Purple Gorilla

More Purple Gorilla


CVM Press Release

Local Wichita organization helps people around the world

Wichita, KS – Clear Vision Ministries, Inc., (CVM), has taken on the challenge of helping people in impoverished areas of the world to better their lives. Clear Vision Ministries' mission is to give the world a clear vision of Jesus Christ through work, word and worship. CVM provides leadership training and consulting to individuals and organizations existing in Third World and developing countries. Clear Vision Ministries provides materials, laborers, training and coaching at no cost to the recipients. The organization’s vision includes helping people around the world by building schools, camps, orphanages, prostitution rescue facilities, churches and more.

Since 2004, CVM has helped over 100,000 people first-hand. Through leadership training, thousands of more people's lives are enriched. Work accomplished in China, Romania, France, India, Fiji, Mexico, Bahamas, Colombia, Panama, Ecuador, Argentina and Zambia. Over 450 indidviduals particiapted in projects by volunteering their time and funds.

As a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization based in Wichita, Clear Vision Ministries operates based solely on the donations of its partners. All donations are tax deductible and help CVM continue its mission of helping people around the world. CVM carefully screens each project to ensure assistance is provided to the people who need it most. Over 85% of income goes towards CVM projects. Pictures and video are taken of each project to show the progress made and lives changed.