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About Us

Clear Vision Ministries began in the hearts of Jimmy and DeAnna Kitchens in March of 2000. We were challenged by a seemingly simple question, “What is your dream?” We began praying that God would give us a dream bigger than ourselves. God answered and the interdenominational (501c3) organization Clear Vision Ministries was born to use the skills, knowledge and abilities developed through decades of providing training in the corporate world and ministering and leading people in various ministries to partner with people around the world to give people a clear vision of Jesus Christ.

Since 2000, CVM volunteers have worked worldwide helping thousands of people in many different situations and in many different ways. It became apparent that one of the biggest needs in many countries revolves around training leaders and pastors to effectively lead people in the fulfillment of the purposes God has for them. In response, we created CVM Leadership Training and then, Clear Vision Ministries School of Ministry and Leadership curriculum to meet this need. The approximately 18-month school combines Bible knowledge and understanding with skills to lead people. Because we wrote the material, the courses intentionally build one upon another to establish and strengthen knowledge, skills and abilities desperately needed in churches, ministries and businesses.

Almost all Clear Vision Ministries projects take place in third world and developing countries. We do not ask for honorariums or "love offerings" on CVM projects in other countries. Instead, we depend on CVM partners to provide the funds needed for each project. Giving securely toward CVM projects is as easy as clicking "donate" and following the instructions. Of course, checks can be mailed to CVM or secure bank to bank transactions can be arranged.

You can read through some of our experiences on our CVM Past Projects page. Look for an upcoming project to work on in the future with us. You can contact us by clicking the email button and we will respond as quickly as we can. Visit the Clear Vision Ministries FaceBook page to learn about our experiences and keep up with some projects in real-time through our co-founder's eyes.

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What People Are Saying

"I have spent 10 years trying to get answers to all of my questions as a pastor. I have gone to many different conferences and seminars and didn't get any answers. During this week, you have answered all of my questions and removed all of my doubts."
- Pastor in India









CVM Founders

Ministering to others has been a big part of Jimmy and DeAnna’s lives from the time they were children. For DeAnna, some of her earliest experiences in church involved singing with her family. As soon as she could hold a microphone, she spent time on the platform singing to the joy of God and those in the congregation.

While a sophomore in high school, Jimmy felt the call of God to pursue ministry as a youth pastor and preached his first sermon in a youth service shortly thereafter. The next year, Jimmy started teaching Sunday School at his parent’s church and playing guitar during worship. During his junior and senior year of high school, he served in leadership for his school's on-campus Bible club.

In October 1988, Jimmy Kitchens and DeAnna Anderson met at a small church in Texas, pastored by DeAnna’s father. They discovered they were attending Southwestern Assemblies of God University together and quickly became friends. Jimmy co-taught the college age Sunday School class during his freshman year at the church. The next school year brought the opportunity to become a youth pastor in the small town of Cleveland, Texas, near the college. DeAnna worked with Jimmy to provide worship for the youth group and has provided incredible worship experiences ever since. In this same year, 1989, Jimmy officially became a minister in the Assemblies of God. On June 2, 1990, Jimmy and DeAnna partnered together for the rest of their lives in marriage. In 1995, they were blessed with the birth of their son, Taylor.

Jimmy and DeAnna’s ministry not only includes 8 years of youth ministry, Christian education and worship on a local and regional level, they spent 8 years pastoring a church in Kansas. During this time, they poured their lives into the church, helping people develop their relationships with God and the people they met on a daily basis. Both Jimmy and DeAnna have a tremendous passion to help people worldwide become the best they can be in all aspects of life.

With a wealth of experiences to draw from, increased education and time spent continuing education in a personal way, the Kitchens accept new challenges to reach and help people around the world through Clear Vision Ministries, Inc. They have worked with children, senior adults and all ages in between in a personal way. The Kitchens enjoy encouraging missionaries and ministers to keep up the good work and fulfill the vision God gave them. Jimmy and DeAnna strive to make sure CVM is easy to work with and everyone works hard to make projects successful.



New Projects

We invite you to participate in one or more of our upcoming projects. As soon as we are working on dates for projects, we will list them here for you to see. Most of the time, we start with a general date and then, narrow down to the specific dates as we coordinate with local people. You can start making plans, raising/saving money and get your passport ready for these upcoming projects. Click the picture on the right to download the Clear Vision Ministries Volunteer Application. The completed form is due with the initial donation for each project. In the meantime, you can read about some of our past projects.

We are working on putting together CVM projects for 2019. Some of the projects will take one week and some will take several weeks. We need several teams of people in 2019 and we need help raising funds to cover expenses. Please pray about how you can be involved through going, continued prayer and/or donating funds.

Canceled by the Religious Affairs Bureau
Please pray for the believers in China and future opportunities to work. All ministry to children was forced to stop at the locations of our past camps and across this large city of 20+ million people.

Cuenca, Ecuador
September 5-17, 2019
Project Details: Partnering with Unsion and area pastors and churches to provide training.
Approximate Expense: $4,000

Bogota, Colombia area
September, 2019
Project Details: Training pastors and leaders.
Approximate Expense: $2,750 per person

October, 2019
Project Details: Training pastors and leaders.
Approximate Expense: $5,000

November, 2019
Project Deatails: Training pastors and leaders in unvisited areas.
Approximate Expense: $5,000

Project Details: Provide times of training for various ministries and provide training for another CVM School of Ministry and Leadership partner.
Approximate Expense: $4,750 per person

Additional projects will be added as details come together. 2019 dates and projects are being developed and details may change.