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Welcome to Clear Vision Ministries! Thank you for taking time to visit us. Thank you to everyone who supports this interdenominational ministry and makes CVM possible!

Clear Vision Ministries began in the hearts of Jimmy and DeAnna Kitchens in March of 2000. We were challenged by a seemingly simple question, “What is your dream?” We began praying that God would give us a dream bigger than ourselves. God answered and Clear Vision Ministries was born.

Over the years, we have had the opportunity to meet many new friends and impact thousands of lives in many different places. Almost all of our projects take place in third world and developing countries. We provide materials and laborers for construction projects, training and coaching for leaders at no cost to the recipients. We do not ask for honorariums or "love offerings" on CVM projects in other countries. Instead, CVM partners provide the funds needed for each project.

DeAnna providing trainingOur friend in Romania, sent this email after our recent project there, "Hi, thanks for the verses. There are days when only knowing God is with us, keeps us going!!!
Oh, the church still loves the Betty Lukens, the flannelgraph, set you gave them. The pastor thinks of that as one of the best gifts the church has received. I think he himself has used them for the kids!!! Please thank whoever it was that bought them. They are a wonderful blessing.
I think of you when I look at the living room wall. Everyone says that the room looks so much warmer now. Jonathan's room has stayed so much warmer.  
Thanks, Jan" 

We received this feedback from a new friend in India who attended our training sessions during a two-week confernce we assisted. Chitra serves as a children's pastor and in management for IBM. She wrote, "The material distributed by you both were really professional. The material on 'time management' was fabulous. i have read tons of material on 'time management' and other 'personality development' courses etc, but never came across such an awesome one you gave."

Jimmy and DeAnna with a leadership team in Bulgaria
CVM in Bulgaria

Please browse our site to learn more of what God is doing through this interdenominational missions ministry. Read through some of our experiences on our CVM Projects page and look for a project to work on in the future with us. You can contact us by clicking the email button at the bottom of each page. Visit the Clear Vision Ministries Facebook page to learn about our experiences and keep up with some projects in real-time through our co-founder's eyes.

Thanks for visiting and we look forward to partnering with you.